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Silver Screen Notes (F-J)

Faithful / Paul Mazursky /

I play accordion on this film. The score is by Phillip Johnston.

[Guy Klucevsek]

Faraway, So Close / Wim Wenders /

I play accordion on the songs by Laurie Anderson.

[Guy Klucevsek]

Fargo / Coen Bros. / 1996

There is an accordion sitting on a bed in one scene, below a poster of someone playing the accordion which says "accordion king"or something like that.

[Ezra Ball]

Fate is the Hunter / Ralph Nelson (I) / 1964

with Rod Taylor, Glenn Ford. Taylor is a Airline pilot that crashes his plane Ford is a FAA buddy who is trying to find out why. Flashbacks to Taylor flying bommber runs over China and playing a BIG Italian Anglo while at the controls singing, [badly], "Blue Moon.

[LLoyd McDaniel]

Father of the Bride / Charles Shyer /

Accordionist Frank Marocco plays on the soundtrack.

[Steve Navoyosky]

Father of the Bride Part II / Charles Shyer /

Steve Martin is having a nightmare about his daughter's wedding and of course the music is ...a lone accordionist. Accordionist Frank Marocco plays on the soundtrack.

[Steve Navoyosky]

Ferris Bueller's Day Off/ John Hughes / 1986

I was looking at videos in my local video store and saw a piano accordion in the photo on the back of the cover.

[Jess Allan]

Ferris encounters a parade for a German American Appreciation Day and jumps on one of the floats, with women in traditional German costume on it, one of whom plays an accordion

[Jeroen Nijhof]

The 5,000 Fingers of Dr.T / /

It's a Dr. Seuss film, so the squeezebox is about a mile long, through all sorts of room and doors, etc.

[Gary R. Coover]

Jack Statham played the accordion part of the soundtrack.

[Gary Price]

Fletch Lives / Michael Ritchie / 1989

This Chevy Chase film has a lot of great Zydeco accordion music in it. I don't recall actually seeing an accordion, but the music was some of the best zydeco I've heard. It sounded mostly like PA as opposed to diatonic.I've been looking for the soundtrack to it. If you have any idea of where to get the sound track on CD, I'd love to know.

[Alan Polivka]

Flying Down to Rio / Thomas Freeland / 1933

Fred Astaire can be seen playing an accordion and leading an orchestra simultaneously. He also dances a dance (his first on screen) with Ginger, with their heads touching the whole time.

[Rodney Sauer]

Forever Darling / Alexander Hall / 1956

A guardian angel (James Mason) helps a young couple (Lucille Ball & Desi Arnaz) save their troubled marriage. Desi's concertina playing contributes to the marital discord!

[Dennis Souter]

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse / Rex Ingram II / 1921

introduced Rudolf Valentino to the world. Early in the film (supposed to be in Argentina, circa 1890), there is a rustic fellow playing a single-row button box on the cattle ranch. Nice old thing. This must be one of the earliest sightings of accordions on film.

[Rodney Sauer]

Frankenstein / James Whale / 1931

The wedding celebration for the Dr. Frankenstein includes a party scene in the town square. Prominantly featured in the band was an accordion player! That was kinda neat!!

[Kristofer Nelson, Accordion Club of the Redwoods Petaluma, CA.]

Frantic / Roman Polanski / 1988

Harrison Ford stars. There's some musette accordion in the Paris nightclub scene, and more accordion over the closing scene and credits.

[Wendy Morrison]

The Freshman / Andrew Bergman / 1990

Starring Matthew Broderick. Comedy involving a "godfather" like character played by Marlon Brando. Accordion music in soundtrack playing, you guessed it, Italian style music.


Funny Bones / Peter Chelsom / 1995

Accordion music here and there in the soundtrack especially when the French characters are shown. All the music choices are wonderful throughout this very funny film. One of my all-time favorites!


Gangsters en Jupons / /

Reading through some of my old magazines, I came across an article that states as follows: "Once again France has given the Accordion some terrific publicity- in a new film "Gangsters en Jupons". Emile Prud'Homme is featured with an all-Accordion band of forty! Furthermore, Emile takes a leading role in the picture and plays some very exciting solos in addition to the "piece de resistance" when he and the ensemble play Liszt's Second Hungarian Rhapsody."

[Gary Blair]

Garlic Is As Good As Ten Mothers / Les Blank /1980

A lot of Clifton Chenier as I remember.

[Douglas Tombaugh]

Garmon Accordion) / Igor Savchenko / 1934

Soviet Union. Music by Sergei Pototzky. No idea what the subject is, but the title seems ok.

[Jeroen Nijhof]

The Gay Divorcee / / 1933

Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, RKO Pictures. The alternative male love interest (played by Erik Rhodes) "plays" an Anglo concertina (and sings for real) at length in the grand production number "The Continental". The sound of an accordion is heard briefly, as Mr Rhodes starts, then fades out under the orchestra. The film is very Art Deco/stylish -- the concertina, for example, is an almost pure white, with big buttons. Classic song, classic movie. "The Continental" won the 1934 Academy Award for Best Song.

[Garry Wiegand]

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes / /

The gals sing "When Love Goes Wrong,Nothing Goes Right". They gather a huge group of (stereo) typical French people (men with striped shirts, berets and pencil-thin moustaches, etc.) at least one of whom plays a concertina.

[Francesca Nudo]

Get Shorty / Barry Sonnenfeld / 1995

a very brief accordion bit on the soundtrack underscoring the demise of a New York Mafia boss. I had hoped for more squeeze music but alas that was all. No matter twas a good story, clever plot and writing, well acted.


Geometria / / Jane Milroy /1992 / 3:48 min.

This whimsical film intercuts images of accordion playing with abstract geometrically shifting colours and shapes. A multilayered soundtrack accompanies the images, combining accordion music with a variety of mechanical noises.

[Jeroen Nijhof]

Geri's Game / Jan Pinkawa / 1998

Pixar Animation Studio. Computer animated short about an old man, playing chess with himself in the park. Accordion (Gus Viseur) is the background and the theme. Where to see it? Animation festivals, Mike-and-Spike animation festival in Bay Area etc.

[Michael Berenstein]

Gidget Goes to Rome / / 1963

starring Cindy Carol and James Darren. There is a cafe scene with accordion music. Accordion was audible - I didn't see it, but I came in at the end of the scene.

[Wendy Morrison]

The Girl Can't Help It / Frank Tashlin / 1956

In one of the night clubs there is a band playing with an accordion in it ("The Chuckles").

[Jeroen Nijhof]

The GodFather / Coppola / 1972

Angelo Dippo is the accordionist. He's seen quite well in the band that performed at the wedding.

[Steve Navoyosky]

The Godfather Part II / Coppola / 1974

Accordionist Frank Marocco is on the soundtrack.

[Steve Navoyosky]

The Godfather Part III / Coppola / 1990

Accordionist Frank Marocco is on the soundtrack.

[Steve Navoyosky]

The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly / Leone /

There is an Anglo concertina in the prison camp scene - one of the men in the band is playing it.

[Toby Hanson]

The Grass Harp / Charles Matthau /

Mary Steenburgen is an accordion-playing revivalist with 15 kids. Jack Lemmon parts his hair down the middle, wears a gigolo's mustache and stands out as a Chicago Yankee in a small Southern town. An ungrumpy Walter Matthau (whose real-life son directed here) has that gray Einstein look back from I.Q. So with Sissy Spacek and Piper Laurie as sisters and a half-dozen more familiar faces, star power isn't a problem in this episodic rendering of Truman Capote's novel.

[Jeroen Nijhof]

Mary Steenburgen plays Sister Ida who plays a PA for two gospel songs("Joshua fit the battle of Jerico" and another one).Well, I don't know if she's really playing--she's probably just finger-syncing. I couldn't make out the brand of PA, but it might have been a Hispano-Suiza with Frenched headlights.

[Melvin Perry]

The Great Gatsby / /

At the first Gatsby party, about a half hour into the film when the band plays a tango, you can hear an accordion. When it starts to rain and the band comes inside, you can see a piano accordion as the band plays a Charlston song.

The screenplay was written by Francis Ford Coppola, of course based on the novel by F. Scott Ftizgerald. It stars Robert Redford and Mia Farrow, with Karen Black, Sam Waterston, and Bruce Dern. It won 2 academy awards.

[Lorraine Lica]

Grosse Freiheit Nr. 7 / Helmut Kaeutner / 1944

Germany. Hans Albers accompanies himself on a button box on songs like "Paloma", "Auf der Reeperbahn nachts um halb eins". The accordion playing is obviously play back, though.

[Jeroen Nijhof]

Groundhog Day / Harold Ramis / 1993

A polka band plays the Pennsylvannia Polka (over and over again) on an outdoor stage as part of annual festivities.


Accordionist Frank Marocco plays on the soundtrack.

[Steve Navoyosky]

Grumpier Old Men / Howard Deutch / 1995

There was a scene with a polka band playing the bird dance and there were two piano accordionists playing!

[Michael John]

Accordionist Frank Marocco plays on the soundtrack.

[Steve Navoyosky]

Hear My Song / Peter Chelsom / 1991

Wonderful film by the director of "Funny Bones". Based on a story about famed Irish tenor Josef Locke. There's a scene where the tenor is accompanied by piano accordion, clarinet and guitar.


Heaven Can Wait / Ernst Lubitsch / 1943

USA. Don Ameche dreams of passing from this life into the next on the sound of an accordion (playing some waltz), and sure enough, we hear an accordion.

[Jeroen Nijhof]

Henry & June / Philip Kaufman / 1990

Louis Bessieres plays the accordion.

[Jeroen Nijhof]

High Noon / Fred Zimmerman / 1952

Accordionist Tony Galla-Rini plays on the soundtrack.

[Steve Navoyosky]

High Society / /

Bing Crosby (from Tacoma, WA, BTW) plays an Anglo Concertina to the song True Love.

[Toby Hanson]

History is Made at Night / Chris Columbus / 1937

Starring Charles Boyer and Jean Arthur, part-time cat-burglar Boyer, abducts trophy wife Arthur and takes her to romantic French restaurant where Boyer has his day job as Head waiter. They, of course, fall in love as they dance to romantic French music played by an accordionist.

[Melvin Perry]

Home Alone / Chris Columbus / 1990

I watched the movie this weekend...tells you how bored I was, and I did see an accordion in the van with John Candy and his Cameo appearance. It only appeared for maybe 2 seconds, but I did see it!

[Michael John]

Leader of the Kenosha Kickers: "We sold 500 copies of Polka, Polka, Polka. It was mostly around Sheboygan."

[Toby Hanson]

Hornblower / /

Herbert Greene is heard in the film playing the ''Duet''.

[Gary Blair]

Hot Shots: Part Deux / Jim Abrahams / 1993

There is a brief scene in a restaurant with the two young lovers having a romantic dinner with a concertina player roaming about in the background. I only got a very quick glimpse, but it didn't look to me like the guy's fingers were actually on the buttons!

[Joyce Ashcroft]

Howards End / James Ivory / 1992

United Kingdom. In a scene in a restaurant, a tango is heard on the background, played by a tango orchestra including a bandoneon. According to the credits it is played by Teddy Peiro and his group.

[Jeroen Nijhof]

Hugo Pool / Robert Downey Sr. / 1997

Very enjoyable film! Quirky characters played by Cathy Moriarty, Robert Downey Jr., Malcolm McDowell, Sean Penn among others. The young protagonist cleans pools and at one of her clients homes, he's a mafia type, there is a fellow at the poolside with a lovely shiney piano accordion and a trumpet which he proceeds to play at the same time! The tunes are Italian traditional.


Il Cielo e Sempre Piu Blu (Bits and Pieces) / Antonello Grimaldi / 1995

Italy. A kaleidoscopic portrait of life in Rome. Ricardo Tesi can be heard in the sound track, playing diatonic accordion (`organetti diatonici').

[Jeroen Nijhof]

In Heaven There is No Beer / Les Blank / 1984

documentary about Polka Culture.


In the Soup / Alexandre Rockwell / 1992

All I can remember is that the main character of the film (Steve Buscemi) auditions for a part in a show called the "Naked Truth" and in the background is a gal sitting on a stool playing accordion. It's a very quick segment.

[Patty Brady]

Into the West / Mike Newell / 1995

has a very brief scene of Irish gypsies partying around a campfire. A piano accordion is shown but the soundtrack sounds more like a button box. Good movie nevertheless.


Isadora / Karel Reisz / 1968

with Vanessa Redgrave playing Ms. Duncan. There's a part where she goes to Russia and entertains the troops, and when the power goes out and since they're a Communist country and can't choose from whom they buy electricity, they have to use a lantern and an accordion to entertain themselves.

[Melvin Perry]

It Takes Two / David Beaird / 1988 / USA

There is a zydeco band playing in a dancing, but I couldn't identify either the band or accordionist -- the credits stopped half way. But perhaps someone could make a guess? The PA player wore glasses, and there were three sax players.

[Jeroen Nijhof]

It's a Wonderful Life / Frank Capra / 1946

Ward Bond plays the PA at the end of the film.

[Tom Norulak]

I Want to Go Home / Alain Resnais / 1989 / France

an accordion in the soundtrack only.

[Jeroen Nijhof]

J'ai Ete Au Bal / Les Blank /

documentary about Cajun & Zydeco music.


James and the Giant Peach / Henry Selick / 1995

Accordionist Frank Marocco plays on the soundtrack.

[Steve Navoyosky]

Jane Eyre / Franco Zeffirelli / 1996

At a outdoor picnic/party scene there are three musicians.One plays what looks like a concertina.


Jour the Fête/ Jacques Tati / 1949/1995

France (the color version of 1949, restored in 1995) accordion in the soundtrack only.

[Jeroen Nijhof]

Journey to the Center of the Earth / Henry Levin / 1959

Pat Boone plays a concertina while making the descent in this film adaptation of the Jules Verne classic.

[Dennis Souter]

Jude / Michael Winterbottom / 1996

A 'tina at a wedding party - very appropriate for a film after a novel by Thomas Hardy!

[Jeroen Nijhof]

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