Accordion Related Sites & Organizations

PixelMag's own SqueezeBoxes on the Silver Screen:
a list of accordions in the movies. Over 250 instances of cinematic squeeze and more coming!

PixelNewsGroup: rec.music.makers.squeezebox

PixelBay Area Accordion Club * San Francisco, CA (415) 974-9210

PixelAmerican Accordionist's Association * Mineola, NY (516) 746-3101

PixelCloset Accordion Players of America * Fort Collins, CO (970) 204-0715


PixelPhoebe Senger's Free Reed Pages

PixelAccordion Links: lots o' info & links courtesy of Jeroen

PixelWendy Morrison multi-instrumentalist & teacher

PixelSmythe's Accordion Center * 510-268-4084

PixelConcertina expert, Don Nichols

PixelThe World of Diatonics and Bandoneons

PixelSourdough Slim, the yodeling cowboy * Paradise, CA (916) 872-1187

PixelThe Smilin' Scandinavians

Pixel Polka Happiness, the book on the American Polka Scene

PixelThe Cotati Accordion Festival

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